A grey day…

Rather grey outside…and the world in general perhaps.

Brexit continues to dominate the news and directly and indirectly a lot of parliamentary time. I saw a poll (yes of course it’s only a poll!) suggesting that, across all sectors and regions, people just want to get on with it now, regardless of their preference in the referendum. Perhaps this is because people are bored with the constant media (especially BBC) attention, often when there is little or no news?

I quite like or even admire Jacob Rees-Mogg, but the demonstration on the Thames this week, where he and others threw some fish into the river, seems a little unnecessary, not least because it was a waste of fish and also, as I understand it, the only issue is the 21 month delay to exiting the EU on this issue.

I have just been reading Sadiq Khan’s new draft strategy on ‘culture’ for London and was fascinated to see that, in the executive summary (and let’s face it people will only read that) there are only pictures of people ‘of one colour’. Hardly what one might describe as a ‘balanced’ presentation of the nation’s capital?

My local town is going through a navel-gazing exercise at the moment (with the help of expensive consultants of course) about what can be done to take the centre forward. Lots of discussion about pedestrian precincts and pedestrianising roads. Having witnessed the latter in many other places, this just seems to kill off trade and as a consequence the town centres themselves. As the town prides itself on being a “one off”, this all seems somewhat misguided. Then there is the fact that Council had to get rid of some of its off-shore capital, so it purchased some shopping centres in the town…just at the time that retail is under serious threat from online shopping. Shopping centres are hardly ‘one offs’!


Yes, its me...

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