Each and every week there are more and more stories in the news and on social media, of people doing ever more stupid things around gender and the ‘feminazis’…and others whom appeared, until now, to be quite well balanced human beings.

Today is a classic example.

  1. Apparently Keira Knightley bans her 3-year old daughter from watching some Disney (yes Disney!) films because of the ‘girly’ characters and role models. This from someone who has made millions from playing ‘girly girls’!
  2. I saw photos of a wedding between 2 men and one (with a beard) was dressed in a white wedding dress, veil and long ‘train’.
  3. Kleenex have been attacked for making “Kleenex for men” and have decided in their wisdom to withdraw them from the market.
  4. An ‘ex-male’ wins a female bike race – wow there’s a surprise!
  5. 6-year old children being taught (in state schools) how to write love letters – to members of the same sex!

These are just 5 of many many examples in this increasing perverse and, frankly, lunatic world in the last few days alone.

This all seems to me to be yet another farcical area of our lives that is being driven by female (and other types of) ‘social terrorists’, who are set on changing the established norms in the UK and elsewhere in the ‘western world’, at a rate that has never been seen since the beginning of the human race – or possibly earlier as some aspects of all this were in place before then.

It would seem that the majority of the population (both male and female) are standing idly by with their ‘mouths wide open’ and seemingly powerless at such social engineering, that is happening everywhere and ‘in broad daylight’.